Alpha Prime

An Alpha Prime Graphic in Lost in Space (1998)

Alpha Prime is the only habitable planet in the Milky Way galaxy. It is third planet orbiting the star Alpha Centauri A (ACA) in the Alpha Centauri System. The M-class planet is ringed and has one moon.


In 2284, Earth is an environmental disaster. It is estimated that within 20 years the planet will be unable to support Human life. The United Global Space Force initiates the Jupiter Mission. A family will be sent to the nearest habitable planet, Alpha Prime, where they will build a HyperGate enabling the people of Earth to evacuate safely. Unfortunately, the Global Sedition has hired Dr. Zachary Smith to sabotage the mission. Smith sneaks aboard the Jupiter 2 and programs the mission Robot to destroy the Robinson Family 16 hours into their voyage while they slumber in Cryo-Stasis.

Smith is betrayed by the Global Sedition who render him unconscious while still aboard the Jupiter 2. Smith wakes minutes before the Robot begins its task. He is now stranded with the Robinsons and the damage the Robot does to the ship renders the travelers lost in space.

The USS Enterprise possesses the Genesis Device and starts finding and terraforming a dead planets or moons, so Earth can support Human life. While the Jupiter 2 transporting to Alpha Prime, a small black hole formed by the collapsed planet has been sealed in the detonation of the Genesis Device. The Genesis Planet is formed. The effects of the plants of the Genesis Planet slowly restore the balance of the Earth. The Enterprise heading for Alpha Prime to meet the Jupiter 2.

In 2286, the USS Enterprise-A heading for Alpha Prime.