Ultimate Evil

The Ultimate Evil

The Ultimate Evil (also known as the Great Evil and Mr. Shadow) is the true main antagonist of the 1997 comedy/ sci-fi movie The Fifth Element and is also a new antagonist of Star Trek series.


The Ultimate Evil is an ancient cosmic force that has for thousands of years tried to destroy Earth, but each time has been thwarted by the Fifth Element. In the 23rd century, it approaches Earth upon finding out that the five elements are no longer in place to stop it. The USS Enterprise(NCC-1701-A) encounters the Evil. It contacted Captain James T. Kirk, the main protagonist of Star Trek: The Original Series, that it take the four elements to remake the Universe in its image. The Evil then tried to get the four elemental stones via grunts, but they failed get them as the stones were handed to another.

After a few failures, the Ultimate Evil swallowed several satellites and used them to tell to its follower Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg that it'd be arriving soon. By the end of the film, the Enterprise managed to reach Earth at maximum warp and The Evil is once again thwarted by the power of the Fifth Element.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Ultimate Evil cannot be killed by force. Any military weapons fired at it will only nourish it. The Ultimate Evil can annihilate anyone who gets too close to it without even trying due to its malicious energy. It also possesses the ability to communicate by swallowing up several satellites. When Zorg talks to the Evil on the phone, he is shown cringing in pain just from hearing its voice. Anyone who approaches or hears the Ultimate Evil will sweat a mysterious brown liquid.

If the Ultimate Evil can get to the altar without any interference from the Fifth Element, it will use the power from the other four elements to bring about untold horrors for thousands of years.