Zorg ZF-1 Pod Weapon

Zorg ZF-1 Pod Weapon

Zorg ZF-1 Pod Weapon is an assault weapon designed and developed by arms dealer Jean-Baptiste Zorg in The Fifth Element.

The Fifth Element (1997)Edit

The ZF-1 was first demonstrated to the Mangalores by Mr. Zorg who promised them crates of these weapons in exchange for the case of stones. When he found the case empty, Zorg angrily went to leave without giving the crates to the Mangalores who angrily held him at gunpoint. Changing his mind, Zorg let them have one crate, but after leaving, one of the Mangalores activated the weapon's self-destruct, causing many of the others to be caught in the blast. Call brought this weapon to Kirk and explained its purpose. Zorg later used this weapon on the luxury cruise Fhloston Paradise before he met his demise as Call resigned as Zorg's assistant.

Technical ReadoutEdit

The ZF-1 is an ambidextrous assault weapon incapable of being detected by X-Rays featuring a titanium recharger, 3000 round magazine (Zorg uses the term clip, however, that is the wrong usage of clip) with a burst of 3 or 300. It is also designed so that the first round fired will send the following shots to the same location. It also features a variety of other fire modes as well.

  • Rocket Launcher: The ZF-1 features a small yellow rocket which packs a nasty punch at any target it hits.
  • Arrow Launcher: Zorg demonstrated that from the sides of the ZF-1 were two launchers with a total of 10 arrows, 5 in each launcher. Each arrow is also poison tipped.
  • Net Launcher: For non-lethal take downs, the ZF-1 is also known to have a net launcher to capture, rather than kill the target.
  • Flamethrower: Zorg's personal favorite, the ZF-1 features a long ranged flamethrower.
  • Ice Cube System: A new device the ZF-1 possesses is a weapon able to freeze people.

Behind The ScenesEdit

The Zorg ZF-1 was built around the AK-74U which as 5.45mm weapon and in some scenes, the magazine can be seen on the weapon.